Thursday, September 2, 2010

World Best five Islands you should visit


Location           - Google Map
Language         - Balinese
Area                  - 5,632.86 km2
Capital              - Denpasar
Currency          - Rupiah (IDR)
Population       - 3,551,000

Bali is very famous amongst the visitors since island consists of various kind of historical sites, religious sites and sceneries. As well their unique culture and tradition we cannot see anywhere in the world. In addition visit to places you can experience clubs, shopping, restaurants, cafes, Music and even adventures activities also in this Island. Diving around coral reef, water sport, relaxing on beaches and magnificent night life in Bali gives unforgettable experience to anyone. Better proof for Excellency of this island is Bali won the award for the Best Island Travel and Leisure 2010.