Thursday, September 2, 2010

World Best five Islands you should visit


Location           - Google Map
Language         - Balinese
Area                  - 5,632.86 km2
Capital              - Denpasar
Currency          - Rupiah (IDR)
Population       - 3,551,000

Bali is very famous amongst the visitors since island consists of various kind of historical sites, religious sites and sceneries. As well their unique culture and tradition we cannot see anywhere in the world. In addition visit to places you can experience clubs, shopping, restaurants, cafes, Music and even adventures activities also in this Island. Diving around coral reef, water sport, relaxing on beaches and magnificent night life in Bali gives unforgettable experience to anyone. Better proof for Excellency of this island is Bali won the award for the Best Island Travel and Leisure 2010.

Sri Lanka

Location           - Google Map
Language         - Sinhala
Area                  - 65,610 km2
Capital              - Colombo
Currency          - Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)
Population       - 20,238,000

Peoples are saying pearl of the Indian Ocean for this magical Island since unique beauty and geographical situation of this incredible Island. As well within One Island you can see different kind of climate conditions if you visit to Sri Lanka. Central of the Island highly elevated and consisting range of mountain covered with cooled mystical fogs, falling waterfalls throughout mountains, evergreen rainforest, artistic valleys, tea states and so on are the most common stunning sceneries for travelers. Dalanda Maligava at Kandy, ancient cities like Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, white sand beaches, coral reef around the Island and delicious traditional meals are adding more values for this paradise. At the end of your vacation in Sri Lanka you will say my vacation is not enough.


Location           - Google Map
Language         - Dhivehi (Mahl)
Area                  - 298 km2
Capital              - Malé
Currency          - Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)
Population       - 396,334

This marvelous island is surrounding by thousand of coral Islands and consist 26 atolls in shape of double chain. Due to this geographic situation Maldives is one of the most dissimilar Islands of the world. These beautiful and colorful surrounding coral reefs are become a home to around three hundred type of fish and for other species. Therefore diving around these coral islands, resting on sand beaches, moving with friendly natives will be a fantastic experience in your life.


Location           - Google Map
Area                  - 1883.5 km2
Population       - 117,644

Island has different kind of landscaping since amalgamation of climate and geography conditions of the country. Climate of this wonderful island is annotated by 2 sessions for year. One is mild and other one will continue even temperature all over the country other than high elevated areas.
Maui Island is very popular amongst honeymoon couples and families since the unique beauty of the Island. Evening walk of romantic couples, peoples relaxing in beaches, kids are getting hula lessons are very common seeing in here.

Bora Bora

Location           - Google Map
Language         - French and Tahitian
Area                  - 44 km2
Population       - 4,650

At the time of world war Bora Bora Island had been using by US as a military supply base. But presently this island is fantastic place to visit and main income for the island also coming from tourism industry. Bungalows constructed over water are very popular in this island and you can find these bungalows from cheap level to luxurious level according to your requirement. Moreover if you like you can camp in outside while spend your time with the tradition of the island.

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