Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make a Compost bin yourself.

In this post I’m going to show you how to make a compost bin yourself. After read this article your home waste not will be a trouble anymore. You will need only less than 30 minutes to do this revolution. So let’s go to work.

Required Materials

1. Plastic storage bin with lids
2. Drilling machine with drill bits
3. Wire mesh (Optional)

How to make compost bin

This method is very useful to peoples who don’t have enough space to place a compost pile in their gardens.

Idea is very simple. First of all you should find a plastic storage bin with a lid. It can be any size according to your requirement but should not be less than 18 gallons.

For get a better result for decomposition process it must containing proper air circulating system around the bin. For this purpose you have to make holes around the bin keeping about 1 inch spacing between each hole.

Now you have finished the making of compost bin. Next step you should decide where you going to keep this. My opinion is keeping it outside of the house near the kitchen. Then you can easily put your kitchen waste into the bin. But you can keep it anywhere such as in patio, balcony, or garage.

Correct way to filling the bin.

Any kind of organic waste you can put into compost bin. Some of them I have listed out in below.

• Leaves
• Vegetables parts and peels
• Fruits
• Egg shells
• Trimming and weeds of your garden

Keep remember that when you put something in to bin chopped them into small parts. Vegetables and fruits you can cut into small parts. Egg shells you can crust. This is very important because it’ll increase the efficiency of decomposition system.
Do not put following things to your bin.

• Meats
• Animal waste
• Plants which are killed by using weed killer
• Diseased plants
• Oils

Maintenance Tips & How to overcome the problem will encounter.

Every day you have to give a quick shake to bin. It’ll help to provide proper air circulating for the bin.

If you made big holes in your bin you should line a wire mesh inside of your bin. It’ll help to prevent rats & rodents entering into your bin.

If the moisture contents of your bin are high you will feel odor smell coming from your bin. To prevent this I suggest you to put some paper materials like news paper to balance the additional moisture content.

If the contents of your bin are getting dry then the result is decomposition process will be slow down. Prevent this matter you can spray some water or put some wetness rich material such as vegetable, fruits & etc.

Right after decomposition process is done doesn’t apply those fertilizers for your plant. Because the heat of fresh compost maybe killed your valuable plants. Therefore put compost into a bucket and keep for 2 or 3 days before getting use.

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