Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is happening to our Mother Earth?

All of us know that how beautiful is our earth. We are thinking about it very proudly. We are saying to our kids about our beautiful earth even more proudly. Of course all of you are correct. This earth is amazing. We have no words to express that beauty. But the real question is how long it’ll going to exist.

Why I’m saying this. If you are listening to world news you should know that what the top news bulletins are. Everyday we’ll heard about some kind of disasters happening somewhere around the world. Flooding, global warming, Storms, Wild fire, Tsunami, earth quake, Volcanoes, Civil wars, and so on are the most usable words in everyday news.


Some of these are occurring due to natural reasons. But the truth is most of the disasters are happening as the result of human behaviors. Therefore all of our responsibility is give our contribution to protect our mother earth. That’s the main reason I started to write this blog. Because through my blog posts I’m willing to give you some valuable information may be you’ve never thought before.

Main effort of this blog is let peoples to know about the contaminations what are they doing. Practically I know that if I discuss about environmental pollution with somebody he’ll start to blame for government, Industrial companies and so on. But he is not aware about the contaminations about he is doing.

In my childhood I heard a Chinese proverb saying “Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle”. That’s what I’m doing here. I believe you will get something from here.
Thank you very much to visit my blog and you are most well come to read my future posts. Don’t forget to leave your valuable comments if you are appreciating my effort.

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