Thursday, July 22, 2010

Get rid of weeds in Eco Friendly way

All of us love to our garden that is the reason why we need to make it look fresh and fit to be seen at all times. Usually we see weeds are growing from our garden from time to time. But if they are left without doing anything, the situation will get worst. That is the reason why lots of people looking for chemicals to rid of from weeds thus those weeds will not grow back. Even though utilize of chemicals is successful in removing weeds, it can leave an unfavorable effect on our environment. With the intention of avoid more damage to the environment, we should think about alternative environmental friendly ways to keep the weeds away from the garden.

You can find some home products those are able to generate a background not suitable for weeds. Table salt is most common and easy thing you can use. Apply sufficient amount of salt in the location where the weeds are growing. Afterward, dispense warm water over the salt to liquefy it. Usually weeds are not being capable to stay alive an area with melted salt.

Another good option is use weed cloth. You can easily find these are in local garden stores. Area covering with such cloth will make it not easy for weeds also grow and expand. It is too much easy to remove the weeds even though there are still weeds that manage to grow off the cover. As well as you can find plastic material also that does the same thing. They are extremely simple to use and extremely effective.

Still the best solution is regular monitoring and weeding. If you’re a person have time then do it and add mulch on the soil. Adequate mulch should kill the weeds. On the other hand, compost and comparable materials may present a fine environment for weeds to grow, therefore you should be careful. Keep an eye on your garden or landscape frequently and do different approaches if weeds are expand.

Moreover you can find some products available at the local market which are contain natural ingredients help to deal with weeds. Also it is available some herbicides that contain corn gluten, able to fight the growth of weeds those are specially deal with the weed seeds and avert seeds from growing. You have to do some research for the product before buy. Because sometimes those products may not nature friendly even they use some natural ingredients.

May be you didn’t know that newspapers are also can use to removing weeds. It’ll be same as dealing with weed cloth. Use newspapers to cover the area where weeds are normally growing. Place some layers of newspapers on the relevant area. When you need to plant something, just make a hole on the newspaper and place your plant. The plants are recive sunlight, water, minerals and other necessities for them to grow.

Water is another eco friendly method to deal with weeds. Only thing you have to do is take some amount of water you want and pour it on the weeds that grow on the pathways and the areas where you don’t wish for the weeds grow. You must be careful not to pour boil water on your valuable plants.

Certainly weeds are not a good sight, but it does not mean that you have to use toxic chemicals to get rid of from them. There are hundreds of eco-friendly ways to get away from them.

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