Monday, August 23, 2010

How to use Home appliances according to the Green Concept

You should be very keen and careful when you purchasing and using below appliances. Following methods will be helpful to use home appliances more efficiently in environmental friendly manner.

Eco Friendly Refrigerator

Don’t try to buy a biggest refrigerator available in the market. Buy a one just enough to you requirement. Most important thing is check whether its energy star certified or not. Because energy star certified refrigerators use 10 to 15 present less energy than normal models.

Don’t frequently open the door of refrigerator. Before open the door you should decide what the things you have to take out are. Then open the door and take all the things at the same time. Reason is when open the door all most all the cooled air will be fell out from refrigerator. Then it’ll fill up with fresh air in room temperature. When this happening repeatedly lots of energy will be lost.

Keep foods in pre designated places. It’ll help find things very easily and it’ll reduce duration of keep the door open.
Set the temperature of refrigerator to 40 F and freezer to 0 F or lower.

Eco Friendly Washing machine

Before you buy a new washing machine do a market research and make sure to buy an eco friendly model. Don’t forget about energy star label.

Always make sure to run a full load of machine. Reason is washing machines are using almost same amount of energy regardless of size of the load.

Don’t use hot water to washing purpose. Use cold water. It’ll reduce the energy required to heating that water while you’re getting the same result.

If you are having too dirty cloths give a pre soak cycle. Then it’ll not require to washing twice.

Eco Friendly Dish washer

Make sure to buy a dish washer including booster heater. It can heat the water to the temperature level which is required to wash dishes. Then you don’t need to turn on your home hot water heater and it’ll reduce more energy.

Buy a dishwasher with a power full motor. Because that kind of dishwasher not required running second time due to still dirty dishes after first run.

Buy a dishwasher coming with a sensor which is identifying the condition of dishes and self controlling the heat and water usage required to washing purpose.

Buy a one have a switch to turn off the electrical drying process. Because most of the time you can do it manually or let dishes to air dry.

Eco Friendly Air Condition machine

Before buy an air conditioning machine you should decide what the capacity is required for you. It’s measured using British thermal unit (BTU) which is indicating the speed of an air conditioner can cool the room. To find required number of BTU you can use following equation.

A = Area of the Room (from square footage)
B = Required no of BTU
(A x 10)+4000 = B

Choose a model coming with energy star rate. Efficiency of this kind of model is 10 percent more than regular models.

It’s better idea to buy an air conditioning machine coming with a recirculation option. Due to this option cooled air will be recirculation around the home. Important thing is air condition machine should be properly installed and all the area should be sealed ensuring that cool air will not leaking to outside.

Use an air condition machine only if it’s really required. Always try to use fans instead of air conditioning. Its better idea to plan your travelling during the summer cause during summer it will require keeping on your air condition machine for long time.

Eco Friendly Eco friendly Water Heater

Most of peoples are not well aware about this but water heater is one of biggest energy consuming equipment using in home. So this is a good reason to buy a eco friendly more efficient water heater to your home.
When you’re choosing a water heater most important thing is it should be energy star certified.

Tankless water heaters are one of popular eco friendly water heating model available in the market. It’ll not heat tank of water as usual water heaters. It’s heating only the required water even though water flow is slow.

If you are living in an area which has continuous sunshine it’s better idea to use a solar water heater. If you are choosing a solar water heater initial cost is little bit expensive but it’ll get down when you using it because of the law running cost.

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