Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homemade natural cleaning products to save Environment

Natural cleaning products may be yet strange to lots of people. Peoples are getting forgotten about natural methods because of new chemical products are helping to continue their lazy life. Big companies producing these chemical products are advertising highly about their products using Medias. So peoples without thinking twice buy those products after watching their fantastic advertisements. But using nontoxic natural cleaning product you can help to keep the environment and your home more safely.

Better example for bad side of the chemical products is checking their labels. Al most all the products have warning label on their product. Some of instructions are you have to use gloves, keep away from kids and etc. because some of this products are extremely poisoning. Usually using after chemicals it’ll leave some of remnant and this could be harmful to human body, but when you use natural products you’ll be completely safe in this case.
Using of natural products may not be easy as chemical products. But when you consider about other effects of chemical products, natural products are best of the best solution remaining for us. Side effects of use of chemical products are remaining for long time since chemical wastes are very difficult to either clean or neutralize.
When compare the prices of both products, natural products are cheaper than chemical products. Some kinds of natural products are no cost at all. Therefore by all mean natural products are the best to use.
Toilet equipment
Spray some amount of lemon fluid and white vinegar to where you need to clean and then spread some baking soda on it. Then keep this mixture for about ten minutes and brush it by using toilet brush. To finish washed it using water.
Cleanout the Oven
First of all soak the bed of the oven. Then spread sufficient amount of baking soda to cover the bed. Now spray some water and keep the mixture for several hours. Afterward use soaked sponge with liquid soap to clean the slackened off glop.
Timber floor cleaner
Mix half of water and other half with white vinegar in a spray battle. Then add following things,
  • Five drop of pure lemon oil
  • Two drop of tea plant oil
  • Five drop of lavender oil
Now your floor cleaner is ready to use. When use this spray straightly on the floor and use a piece of microfiber cloth to wipe out.
Timber furniture polish
Take a glass jug and filled olive oil for 2/3 of jar and filled remaining with white vinegar. That’s all now it’s ready to use your furniture polish.
Apply this on furniture and smoothly rub by using soft cloth to get brilliant shine on your furniture. Best thing of this natural product is it will keep the shining for long time than artificial polish.
Multi Purpose Cleaners
You need following things,
  • One Spray battle
  • ½ tea spoon of sal soda
  • Little amount of liquid shop
  • Some amount of hot water
  • 1 tea spoon of vinegar
Now mixed washing powder and liquid shop with water in the spray battle and shake it until sal soda is dissolved. After properly soap has mixed with water add vinegar, since it’ll help to neutralize the effect of the soap chemicals.

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  1. Hydrogen peroxide is also a good cleaner, and it whitens things too!