Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to start your own Kitchen and Herb Garden

If you have sufficient space for use to your kitchen garden it’s pretty easy to maintain a garden especially when you keep your garden in a suitable location with easy access. Kitchen garden is very similar to small type of vegetable garden where you can grow your esculent flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. These gardens give aesthetic view for your home while functioning also. Moreover these kinds of plants have diverse of colors and patterns which are creating artistic view not required much maintenance.

Before the all other things you have to decide where you need to locate your garden indoor or outdoor. It’s doesn’t matter either it’s outside or inside you can manage it as your concern. For the beginners I can suggest you that start with container gardening. Reason is container gardens are possible to move anywhere when ever it’s required. Suppose some of your plants required more sun light, then you can move that plants to some place more sunlight are available.
Now you should choose good containers for your plants. Root of plants are required sufficient space for growing, therefore better option is standard 6” pots and don’t buy any shallow pots. Secondly you should get some fast draining soils for you plants. You can receive those from your local nursery. Saturated soil is not a good environment to herbs. So we can prevent this extra drainage by putting gravel layer for bottom of every container. Finally you have to get some herbs as your requirements. In this case you will have two options. Either you can buy seeds or starter plants. Both are giving good results but if you’re expecting quick progress starter plants may be the good option. But always get the recommendation from nursery technicians.
When you are decide which herbs are going to plant in your garden its better idea to make a list. Check what are the spice you will required frequently. If you are have any favorite herbs but either it’s difficult to find or more expensive just list it. At the first it is better to start your garden in smaller scale. When you’re getting familiarized with it just expands it as your requirement.
Now you are able to grow your own vegetable garden. It’s better to maintain a compost bin at the same time since you can manage your waste while you’re getting fantastic natural fertilizer to your garden. At the beginning it’s easy to start growing vegetables like beans, potatoes, and tomatoes.
As well if you’re need you can start your own herb garden. Backyard is the better location to maintain this kind of gardens. Usually herbs gardens are using solely for food purpose but it’ll give some aesthetic view also. These herbs can be use to several purposes like cooking, drinking and for medicine. Dill, mint, borage, thyme, basil, rosemary and etc are the most popular herbs for an herb garden.
You can imagine that it would be an excellent experience to having your own garden in your home. In other hand it’ll make big sense in terms of economic as well.

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