Sunday, August 29, 2010

Protect our Environment by Recycling of Plastic

No matter about the plastic is a very useful material when we consider with our busy life. Plastic are becoming more popular than ever due to cheap price, light weight and durability of the products. But according to newest researches plastic is one of the main reason to the global pollution, because of plastic wastes are not biodegrade for longtime. To resolve this matter recycling and plastic products are using for long time are the best solutions to do it in environmental friendly manner. It’ll required less energy (30%) for the recycling process than its manufacturing as an original product.

Recycling of Plastic
Most of items we are using in our everyday life are very easy to recycle. Water battles, juice battle, some bags coming with foods, cosmetics battles are the most common plastic waste we are use in our day to day life. It’s better to segregate your plastic waste according to their resin codes because it’ll help to do the recycling process more effectively.
What are the benefits of plastic recycling?
Oil and CO2
Oil is the one of main material required to plastic producing. So reducing the quantity of plastic producing mean it’ll save lot of oil. Also during the manufacturing process of the plastic it’ll emit large amount of CO2 to the atmosphere. So reducing of manufacturing process of plastic will reduce the emitting amount of CO2 as well.
Due to recycling process of the plastic is saving lot of energy than which is required if that plastic producing with virgin materials. This process will be more helpful to environment if it’s possible to locate recycling plant near the area where the recycling products going to be used. It’ll help to minimize the energy required to the transport process.
Now we are facing for a new problem as we are losing our landfills because of discard lots of plastic materials to landfills. According to the resent researches our household waste are containing 11% of plastic materials. So if we put these plastics to landfill it’ll increase the amount of solid materials in the landfills. Matter is plastics are not decomposing easily and it’ll take around 100 years to decompose to plastic.
Aquatic Life
Plastic is become a major problem for the aquatic life because of plastic bags and battle materials suffocate some aquatic species. Species like sea birds, turtles, fishes, and etc are getting die since their failing to differentiate plastics and their formal meals. Recycling plastic will reduce the amount of plastic can added to water and it’ll help to protect our valuable aquatic life.
Some Items producing by recycle plastic.
Door and Window Frame,
Plastic Container (Battle, Basin & jugs)
PVC Pipes
When we are recycling plastic materials then we can decrease the use of oil since it’ll required large volume of oil to producing process of oil. (Oil is a non renewable item, so we should careful when using oil.) Therefore process of recycling of plastic materials is a superior way to save non renewable sources and protect our beautiful earth from pollutions.

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